Why to invest in Real Estate During Lock Down?

Why to invest in Real Estate During Lock Down?

When India entered in March 2020, we were set to celebrate the colors of happiness. But the Expectation went through a another way. There is panic everywhere and yes the situation is critical. This pandemic has rightly taught us that uncertainties comes unexpectedly. So are we prepared to face any such situation again?

This is the best time to understand various possible investment options available where you can start your passive income and secure your future and safeguard your family.

Although there are options like SIP, Mutual Funds, Shares etc. than why Real Estate?

Real Estate has proved to be the most reliable investment option so far considering the conditions of banks, share market crash and no capital appreciation on any other option that may look safe initially.


Why Real Estate During Lock Down?

Passive Income: You can enter in the Market starting as low as 5 lacs in real estate that too with a rental income which gives an opportunity to create a separate asset class in your portfolio and start a source of passive income.

High Tangible Asset Value: Real estate is not paper money, this is the asset you can hold tangibly which again increases its reliability and return on investment.

Demand- Supply breakthrough: As per thr current scenrio, discounted rates on good inventories are available. But once the economic condition will start settling, the bargain will reduce and demand will also start floating upwards. The rates will not be as low as they are now during lock down.

Right Time to Enter: Best Time to implement the strategy to gain extensive returns on the investment. Not only the rate are striking low, the return on investment are being offered by some builders as high as 18%.

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