Top Real Estate Investment Options!

Top Real Estate Investment Options!

Top Real Estate Investment Options!

There are different options to invest in real estate and each one offers a different kind of returns. Let’s look at some of the best options for you:

  • Residential: This is the best way to earn rental income and enjoy property appreciation at lowest possible maintenance charges. Only thing to take care of is the house should be in good living condition in a good locality to attract tenants as well as potential buyers


  • Retail Shops: These do provide good rentals, but since it’s a commercial investment, you need to take care of taxes and maintenance.


  • Office Space: One needs to have deep pockets to invest in office space and then enough financial back-up to maintain it. The gestation period is sometimes longer to get tenants or potential buyers given that the investment is huge, whether to buy such a property or take it on rent.


  • Service Apartments: This is an upcoming sector with a lot of potential and healthy returns. With lot of Indians traveling and business guests increasing year after year, service apartments are in demand. However, one needs to invest a substantial amount of money for their upkeep so as to provide world-class facilities.


  • Multiplex: Shops in multiplexes offer excellent returns, but are not following a self-serving model. It’s dependent on the movies being played at the multiplex and business depends on how a movie fares.


  • Food Court: Eateries at malls and food courts are always cash-generating investments provided the mall itself is attracting enough footfalls. Rentals earned through such investments are on the higher side and if the mall is doing well, so will your investment!

One needs to invest based on their risk taking appetite and financial goals after setting their priorities. Returns on investments take time and real estate investments always require patience and long-term planning.

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