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Things To Do This Navratras For A Prosperous Life!

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Things To Do This Navratras For A Prosperous Life!

March 21,2018 0comments

Things To Do This Navratras For A Prosperous Life!

One of the most auspicious periods of the year has started. Let’s share with you certain steps that you can take to ensure prosperity for life:

  • Save for INVEST: Earn some money and make a process where you’re saving happens automatically. So you have main account which is your saving account where all your salary / your profit chart stored every month and linked the account into an automatic saving account where systematically a certain amount of money is saved. In saving account you shouldn’t have any chequebook/cards as you cannot take that money out. The only way money can go out is by making an investment.
  • Rental Property: If you already have a home, then invest in another property with the sole objective of earning rental income. Or if you have another unoccupied property, ensure to give it on rent. A bit of initial maintenance can generate substantial rental income as demand is always high in this segment.
  • Real Estate Investment: Dealing in real estate is one of the safest businesses to be in. It does not generate overnight returns, but at the same time, it does not give you overnight losses. Buying property and then selling it at a later date for profits can help you with substantial profits. That money can again be invested in another project. Being the period of Navratras, you can find attractive deals and discounts to buy a property at prices lower than the market rate and then sell it later with healthy profits.

India’s real estate industry is about to take off in a big way with prices being bottomed out and all set to go north. Why not begin your upwards journey too by investing in the sector during this golden period of Navratras?



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