3 Reasons why you should invest in Real Estate Navrati- Golden Bricks

3 Reasons why you should invest in Real estate this Navrati Season

3 Reasons why you should invest in Real estate this Navrati Season

Real Estate This Navrati Season

3 Reasons why you should invest in Real estate this Navrati Season and save up to 35 lakhs.

Investment is our duty, invest in Real Estate for better financial growth in the future, for Regular Rental Income.

Navratri is a very special occasion and festival for all of us.

It’s even special to invest in Commercial Real Estate, especially during auspicious time like Navratras.


3 most important Reasons you must know why this is the best time:

Astrological reasons:

In the process of investing in Real estate, the most crucial aspect is the time of buying it  When a buyer is buying something as mattering as a commercial Retail Shops, he should not limit itself to the market deals only, but he can also consider the right time as per astrological faiths.

And Navratras is the best example of it, at this period not only the stars are in favorable positions, but the market is also throwing away best lucrative deals and offers.

Let’s check out why it is said that right time to invest in commercial this Navratras, from a spiritual perspective and as well as from the market’s point of view.


Spiritual perspective:

As per Hindu believes, finalization of any purchase of a property should be done at an auspicious time. One highly auspicious time which is quite prevalent among the Hindu community is Navratras. Any Pooja, Mantra-Anushthan, Muhurat or New Venture performed during this period is considered magnanimously auspicious than any other day.

As per Hindu beliefs, usually, property purchase are determined according to a person’s birth chart. However, the period of Navratras is considered highly auspicious, that’s why all the nine days of Navratras are sacred and fit for investing in a good property.

Market’s point of view:

Real estate companies have increasingly recognized the demand surge during this auspicious period and thus market promotes them with festival specific discounts. These offers are usually for a limited duration, thus resulting in more and more people rushing into avail these discounted prices.

Seeing the expected increase in the number of prospective buyers, most of the developers launch new projects during Navratras. It is the perfect time for developers to gain the maximum benefits by offering new and multiple options to their customers.

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