Why Real Estate Investment Should Be Your Number 1 Priority In 2018!

Why Real Estate Investment Should Be Your Number 1 Priority In 2018!

Why Real Estate Investment Should Be Your Number 1 Priority In 2018!

After a rocky past couple of years of the real estate sector, it is poised to grow magnificently and as a buyer-investor, 2018 should be one of the best for you. Here are the reasons for the same:

    • Policies: The major policy push by the government including implementation of RERA, GST, Affordable Housing and other regulations ensures transparency, efficiency and customer-friendly projects. This means, one can buy their dream home without any hassles and at affordable prices. Also, fly-by-night operators are being kicked out of the system and only genuine players are able to maintain and grow their position. Reputed developers, encouraged by government policies and attractive sops are vying for customers and offering projects that customers demand!


    • Pricing: The real estate market has seen a decrease in prices and lesser new launches, but it has hit rock bottom now. End-users, as well as investors, are coming back to the market and this means new projects being launched and at pricing going northwards too. If you invest in retail property in the coming year, it will give healthy returns in medium to long-term!


    • Demonetisation: The after-effects of this transformation decision have more or less been eliminated and next year would start on a fresh note.


  • Economy: After a few turbulent quarters, economy is looking set to grow at a healthy pace and GST will ensure higher GDP growth. This would mean increased development and more opportunities for average income to grow and hence more demand in the housing sector. This is the best time to create rental income.

Compared to equity markets, which is quite volatile these days, and gold, that’s not generating adequate returns, real estate sector promises not only excellent returns on investment but also steady income owing to rentals. If one is willing to create passive income from real estate investments, 2018 is a good year to start with.

Let 2018 usher in healthy growth in your profits while maintaining stability in your financial portfolio!

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