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Why Is Navratri The Best Time For Making Investments?

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Why Is Navratri The Best Time For Making Investments?

March 19,2018 0comments

Why Is Navratri The Best Time For Making Investments?

There is never a wrong time to invest in the real estate sector, but the period of Navratri brings with it some of the best reasons to invest. Let’s look at the factors as to why you should loosen your purse strings:

  • Interest Rates: A lot of financial institutions and banks offers discounted rate of interest during Navratra to woo the potential buyers. A rate lower than average market rate can help in making substantial savings over a period of time while owning your dream home.
  • Deals: Every developer offers attractive deals and discounts along with price cuts to increase their sales. Buyers are always the king and during this period they get even better deals or extra amenities for making an investment. These deals are offered only for a period of few days, hence one needs to rush to avail of such benefits. If you just want to trade, you can buy at an attractive discount and sell it at actual market rates soon after, enjoying easy profits immediately.
  • Auspicious Period: This period is considered extremely auspicious for moving in a new home or buying a new property. Keeping these beliefs and sentiments in mind, the developers and banks design suitable deals and discounts. Also, one can keep such investments instead of selling them and use them to earn rental incomes over long term.
  • Top 5 Properties: Good properties available at reasonable price in Gurgaon. Top 5 properties of Gurgaon,
  1. AIPL Joy Square
  2. ELAN Miracle
  3. M3M 65th Avenue
  4. JMS Marine Square
  5. Vatika INXT High Street

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