Money mistakes you are making

Money mistakes you are making

Money is simple maths
It is not a complicated financial wizard game, it’s simple science. Money can only be earned with work, savings room the amount is decent, invest to grow and if it’s only saved for rainy day, trust me you will have many reading days ahead and all those savings will vanish. You need to keep the money working so you don’t have to ask the time.

Money doesn’t grow in savings
Penny saved is a penny earned is a fool idea, a penny saved and invested to grow to a dollar or two is my mantra. Earn save and then invest, if not invested it is just a price of paper losing it’s value every day. Everyone knows this except you, you only care to work and save in bank FD, but the very bank you deposited the money, will keep it in the rotation and give it on interest to someone else, your money not his, yours. So you should learn from your mistake and interest money to grow money.

Wealth creation formula
Save enough money to make a deposit for an income generating property, create more income, save more, invest bigger, repeat the process.

Time is your greatest friend and biggest enemy, I think it’s just your perspective.
Choose wisely.

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