Gurgaon Real Estate Trends Expected In 2018!

Gurgaon Real Estate Trends Expected In 2018!

Gurgaon Real Estate Trends Expected In 2018!

The potential of Gurgaon as a favorite real estate investment destination is still untapped. Being home to maximum Fortune 500 companies in the country as well as domestic start-ups, the city is a magnet for employment. With multiple factors enhancing development on several fronts, 2018 looks like the year when Gurgaon will shine better than expectations.

Here are the real estate trends expected for Gurgaon in 2018:

    • RERA: With almost all developers registered under the RERA act, the potential buyers will get confidence due to increased transparency and efficiency. RERA will ensure timely delivery of projects and that could spike investors’ and end-users’ interest in the market. This shall result in substantial investments in the property in Gurgaon.


    • GST: After initial turbulence, GST is now working smoothly and there are talks of bringing the entire real estate sector under the GST. That will result in efficient, transparent and above-the-table dealings resulting in cost-effectiveness and benefits to both buyers and sellers of retail property in Gurgaon. The implementation and streamlining of GST isn’t just beneficial for the businesses, but also for the buyers.


    • Economy: India’s economic growth is poised to create more jobs and Gurgaon is on every major business’ radar to set up shop. This will lead to the creation of jobs and more people moving to the city leading to housing demand. There will be both, the end-users buying homes as well as the investors buying properties to create rental income from.


    • Affordable Housing: The government’s push towards affordable housing has started generating results and more and more developers have initiated building projects to cater to this segment of the population. It shall show results on the ground in the coming year as the major demand comes from this segment.


    • New Launches: After a lull in the real estate sector, things are finally moving in the right direction and a lot of new launches have been announced. This includes both in the affordable segment as well as in the high-price bracket. The increased participation from major national and international developers like Adani,Lodha, Godrej, Trump, Tata and the likes would result in higher supply of housing units and cater to increasing demand due to increase in population. Investors are expected to be back in the market to create passive income through rentals as there is a lot of migratory workforce in the city, who needs housing, but doesn’t want or cannot afford to buy one.


  • Infrastructure: Gurgaon is now well connected with surrounding areas like Delhi, Faridabad and Sohna and major roads like NH8, Dwarka Expressway, Southern Peripheral Road (SPR), Golf Course Extension Road shall provide a boost to connectivity. Also, there is a lot of development happening in terms of civil infrastructure as well as private one in terms of schools, hospitals, malls, commercial complexes, leisure centres and the likes along these roads making them investment hotspots

Given these trends, it surely looks like Gurgaon offers excellent returns on investment for pure investors and an attractive lifestyle for end-users. For those thinking of investments for 2018, Gurgaon is definitely a sure-shot destination to grow your money!

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