Gurgaon- Great Place To Live!

Gurgaon- Great Place To Live!

Gurgaon– Great Place To Live!

Gurgaon came on the radar as a residential destination during mid-90’s when a few multinationals set up shop there and produced employment opportunities. It won’t be wrong to say that the love for the city is still intact, it being one of the best places to live in the country!

Some of the factors that make Gurgaon a city to call home are:

  • Employment Opportunities: It is home to most of the Fortune 500 companies in India and provide excellent career prospects, not only in IT sector, but also in the manufacturing field.
  • Infrastructure: Over the years, Gurgaon has come up with infrastructure to support quality of life that’s comparable to any leading global city. It’s well connected to national capital Delhi and boasts of residential and commercial projects offering more than an expected bang for the bucks spent!
  • Social Life: As the city is host to a young population, it offers ample avenues for a vibrant social life including malls, pubs, eating joints, restaurants. These places offer options for any size of the pocket!
  • Education and Social Infrastructure: Gurgaon now boasts of some of the best school and world-class health care centres to make life easier for its inhabitants. The quality of life is at par and sometimes even better than some of the bigger metros of the country.
  • Earning Potential: If you have investment properties in the city, you would be assured of rental income, no matter what’s the expected rent. This means, you can earn without even working as the city is still growing and has a huge future potential.

Living in Gurgaon is like living in any major international city while still enjoying the cultural richness of one’s own country!

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