Why Default Of Developers Like Unitech/Jaypee etc. Will Not Affect Gurgaon Real Estate?

Why Default Of Developers Like Unitech/Jaypee etc. Will Not Affect Gurgaon Real Estate?

The developers like Unitech or Jaypee are major players in the real estate sector and do impact its workings, but a city’s real estate sector is always bigger than the developers developing it. No doubt, these builders’ default has sent shockwaves across the industry, but Gurgaon real estate is at a stage where it will overcome this small bump on the way.

There are various reasons, which are discussed as below:

  • Implementation of RERA: The state has implemented RERA and going forward, such cases of default will be insignificant and that will give faith to buyers/investors to invest in Gurgaon real estate.
  • Growing Economy: Overall, the country’s economy is growing and this has resulted in a lot of people being able to afford their dream home. Gurgaon is finely placed to fulfil such demands.
  • Affordable Housing: After the budgetary initiatives, affordable housing has taken off in a big way and demand is already rising in the segment. New launches by established players and faster deliveries are the buzzword.
  • Employment Opportunities: Gurgaon is still offering attractive employment opportunities for people from across the country and hence demand for housing is showing a consistent growth.
  • Prices: The last couple of years have seen prices being stabilised and are getting attuned with what buyers’ want. Even discounts and freebies being offered by developers along with lower rate of interest are ensuring that buying a home comes within budget

Gurgaon real estate is on a path to recovery with new areas being developed with better connectivity. It shall be offering excellent returns and this is the right time to invest there!

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