3 secrets of Commercial Real Estate you don’t know

3 secrets of Commercial Real Estate you don’t know

Commercial real estate should be and always have been preferred type for successful Real estate Investors, the knowledge, checklist, and factors you should consider before investing in completely different from that’s of residential.

Here are the 3 Secrets you don’t know

1) There are 4 different types of Commercial Realestate Properties

  • Commercial Office Space
  • Commercial Retail Shops
  • IT parks
  • Hotel service apartments

We can discuss each rupee in depth with you including pros and cons of investing in each type when you meet our Investment Expert advisor, he will show you the comparison between these types of commercial in person.

2) Not all commercial properties give the same returns, whether its capital or rental yield, you will see retail gives the best returns, followed by service apartments and the office spaces, least returns are in IT parks.

3) Easy access to Bank loan is available, whether it’s for self-use or for investment to create Rentals, you can take a cheaper Bank loan and enjoy high returns on Bank leverage.

Need to discuss more call or expert advisor on +91-9555-330-330 and we will help you plan a great investment which will be safe secure and create great rental income and Appreciation for you.

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