Bitcoin v/s Real Estate, which is a Good Investment?

Bitcoin v/s Real Estate, which is a Good Investment?

The whole internet is blowin’ up over Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. A lot of Investors are asking me whether I think Bitcoin is a good investment, how much should they invest, and how much do I own. After connecting to around 27 highly invested #Bitcoin experts, speaking to 43+ #Realestate Moguls, top Economist, top cryptocurrency speakers and miners, I have made my decision on future Investments in #Bitcoin #Crypto #Currency.

Presenting my knowledge and advice on #Bitcoin

For all these questions, my answer will be I only believe and invest in Real Assets. And the same I advise to all my investors. The only reason one should invest in Bitcoin is the person who is not keen to do any real work, does not have any business vision or investment plan but is in a rush to get Rich real quick like really quickly. Of my experience to now, you need a steady investment plan with regular and stable income and a quick boost of with income I’ve in a while. I believe that Bitcoin is not an investment, it’s a speculation.

Please make money in the speculation but only if you are sure that that money if lost will not affect you the family around you.

All the people in the world think how they can become Rich quickly. But according to me there are no shortcuts to become richer quickly. Only one process will help you to become richer. Earn money, invest in Real Assets (Real Estate), create passive income and repeat the process again.

Many investors also came with some questions that,

  • Will they get Tax Advantages by investing in Bitcoin / CryptoCurrency?
  • Does it provide income/cash flow?
  • Does it give you leverage to invest in other assets?

And I have only one answer – NO. Bitcoin deserves some attention, but no one can predict what will happen with Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency as it’s not a protected assets.

The Rich invested in #Bitcoin in 2011,

The poor are planning to buy in 2018.

There are plenty of opportunities coming your way and the money can only come with Real estate Investments.

Income generating real estate, call me once you are ready to invest and want genuine safe trusted return I will make you Rich.

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